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"My goal is to remind the observer of the fragility and brittleness of Australia’s raw natural beauty"

Jolein Jeursen, born and raised in the Netherlands, has a BA in Fine Arts from the Hanze University. Since being in Australia, she has integrated her European style and technique with the raw natural beauty of the Australian Landscape through delicate sculpture work. 


Jeursen is intrigued by exploring the intersection between organic shapes and deep colours. The creative process behind her sculptures, therefore, enables shapes and colour to engage in an intriguing relationship. By exploring the relation between random and controlling elements of form, the process dictates the identity of every unique piece of work. The ultimate goal is to inspire the viewer to reflect on their unique connection and interpretation of raw natural beauty. When observed from a distance the installation in its entirety could be considered as coloured fragments of a larger whole, while approaching them closely allows you to experience their fragility and brittleness, which mirrors nature. 

Jeursen has exhibited work in numerous public art spaces including:

2015 BAUTzuid, Amsterdam
2014 Vroege Vogels, Hutspot Amsterdam
2014 Object Rotterdam, De Rotterdam 
2013 Kotroute, Antwerp 
2013 Studio Zaterdag, Antwerp
2013 Object Rotterdam, NAI Rotterdam
2012 Inside Out Outside In, Museum Belvedere Heerenveen
2012 Graduation show, Minerva Art Academy Groningen
2011 Kik Art, Kolderveen

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